NQ BRAHMANS - Quality Brahmans from a diverse landscape

With so much popularity in Brahmans these days we offer you this site for a one stop shop in north Queensland. These Brahman Studs have old and new genetic lines of cattle for sale at all times.

Queensland Brahmans have their origins in the north and we congratulate the innovative cattleman who recognised the benefits of these early genetics. North Queensland cattlemen and women have continued to develop and perfect the Brahman breed by sourcing the best Australian and International genetics to improve their herd and yours.

From the lush tropical coastline and tableland pastures to the rocky basalt forest and plains of the west or the northern Cape York forests; we have an abundant breeding ground with cattle to suit any market. Bulls that will go the distance and readily acclimatise.

So, if you’re chasing it we’ve got it.

“Great Country... Great People... Great Cattle...”

Come for a look and have a cuppa